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Upcoming Performances 2014
  • National Performance Network-Mob Mental.ity excerpts November 16 @ 2pm at Flyloft and November 18 @ 7pm, Williams Theater Tulsa PAC
  •  Champagne and Chocolate Gala-December 4 @7pm, Living Arts of Tulsa

Portico Workshop and Audition!!
Congratulations to the following new Company Members joining Portico this season:
Alexander McDaniel
Rachel Braham
Sage Harper (Apprentice)
Also joining us again will be Katelyn Yeary (Welcome back!!)

We have invited the following to dance with us in our summer aerial show:
Kayla Walkup
Eva Brodt
Hali Dawson
Jericho Dillard
Timi Pitts
Jayme Taylor
Chanda Vlanich
Vanessa Bishline
Sara Overton
Hannah Hanley
Hannah Brooker

Junior Company results will be announced soon!

Portico to Perform Excerpts of Mob Mental.ity at National Performance Network
  • Portico was selected to perform as part of the local showcase for the National Performance Network "Live and on Stage" on November 18 at 8pm at Williams Theater.

"Mob Mental.ity" is an interdisciplinary production from Portico Dans Theatre (PDT) featuring local dancers, musicians, renowned video and installation artists. The production focuses on the mentality of mobs; how they are formed in even the most innocent of circumstances and how they respond to external and internal stimuli; learn to breathe and work together as a unit, even if they are unaware of each others existence prior to the mob formation. Various mobs are depicted: children at a birthday party, religious, political, civic, etcetera. The concept is how an individual “I” becomes a collective “they.” The entire production is set to live music and dancers must also interact with pre-recorded video segments. PDT uses four genres of dance in the production: aerial, contemporary, hip-hop and modern.

Also join us for Happy hour and Showing November 16 from 2-4pm at Flyloft.

 See New Class Schedule Here

"Triple Will" and "Axis" Performance Guthrie Green June 2014
Photo Credit: Joel Chan

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