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"Summer stage" Mob Mental.ity July 18-20@ Tulsa PAC

Portico Dans Theatre is Pleased to work with the following Composers for their Next Full Length Performance Mob Mental.ity

Karen Naifeh Harmon
Karen is a violinist/composer who loves performing new music and most recently received a Specialist Certificate in Arranging through the Berklee College of Music. Her interest is composing and performing multicultural songs through a variety of genres. Karen assembled the international new music call for compositions for the production of Mob Mental.ity. Karen regularly plays with the Folk Irish Band, Larkin, "Les Femmes Des Fetes" String Trio, the "Drive By" Due and has opened up for Loretta Lynn, The Legendary Shack Shakers, Cherry Poppin' Daddues, Bugs Henderson, the Hot Club of Cowtown, the Paladins, Split Lip Rayfield, Deke Dickerson, Southern Culture on the Skids and has performed with Wayne Newton & Meredith Monk amongst others. Her peice Tanko Bushi Blues is based on a Japanese folk song about coal mining, uses a rhythm that is swung, ondo style. She arranged the tune fusing elements from American Delta blues and work songs. From performing in beer joins to performance halls, a compositional technique fusing blues and folk song really spoke to her. This original composition was performed by members of the New York Philharmonic in April 2013 through Vox Novus composition competition performance honoring victims of the Japan tsunami of 2011.

Christien Ledroit

Grew up in the 80s and early 90s so that should tell you something about what kind of pop culture influences him. His favorite music to listen to is punk rock, Beethoven, Debussy, Ligeti, Murray, Schafer and a lot of whats going on in NYC right now (David Lang, etc). He can't stand Mozart with the exception of his two symphonies in G minor. Read into that what you will!! He is married to a wonderful woman and soul-mate, and he has two amazing young daughters. He is not much of a performer. He grew up playing violin and picked up guitar and drums along the way. He is a bit of a foodie and has an appreciation (if not always the budget) for good wines and single-malt scotch.he aslo has a thing for vintage sports cars. There's a direct correlation somewhere in there between the very fine inner workings of an internal combustion engine and the various notes, figurines and nuances of a composed piece of music, as well as the raw power and speed of a performance car and the visceral emotions found in a lot of his music. What does this mean as far as music? Nothing and everything, but what comes out of his pencil at his studio is always going to reflect bits and pieces of what makes him an artist. His work Wandering the Threshold of Delirium is a short two movement work for solo violin and optional electronic accompaniment. The piece is based on two quotations melded together, one from Bach's Partita #2 for solo violin and one from R. Murrays Schafer's violin concerto. The first movement, Wandering, presents the basic materials of the work and develops them in a very free, rhapsodic setting. This movement has a sometimes passionate sometimes plaintive sound to it never seeming to be able to come to rest. The second movement, The Threshold of Delirium, uses the same basic materials but at a much more rapid pace, with constant driving 3+3+2+2 rhythm. Hints of baroque techniques are present here but fleeting. This movement is constantly pushing itself, and often seems about to fly off the rails until it's reeled in at the last second.

Robert S. Cohen
Montclair, NJ composer Robert S. Cohen has written music for chorus, orchestra, chamber ensemble, dance and theatre. His works have been performed in such prestigious venues as Carnegie Hall and throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Works include Alzheimer's Stories for soloists, chorus & ensemble and a substantial catalogue of choral and percussion works. He has been the recipient of many awards and commissions, including a New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship, an American Music Center Grant, a Meet the Composer Award and several grants from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and was the selected winner of the 2008 N.Y. Composer's Circle Award. Bob also co-authored the book and composed the score for the 2000 Richard Rodgers Award winning Off-Broadway musical Suburb. His website is www.robertscohen.com. In 2009 he was invited to attend a performance of one of his works by the Bulgarian National Chorus & Orchestra in Sofia, Bulgaria. While there, he became intrigued by the unique rhythms and sounds of Bulgarian folk music and decided to compose a work for the violin and piano inspired by it. Banitza Bang is the last movement of the work and attempts to musically capture a boisterous evening he spent at a local restaurant. A Banitza is a traditional Bulgarian cheese pie.

Timothy Kramer
Timothy Kramer's works have been performed widely throughout the United States and Canada-from Carnegie Hall to college campuses-and in Europe, South America, and Asia with performances by major symphony orchestras (Indianapolis, Detroit, Tacoma, San Antonio) chamber groups (North/South Consonance, SOLI Ensemble, ONIX Ensemble, Luna Nova, Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings) and university ensembles (Michigan State, Arizona State, Indiana University, Florida State.) He has also been a featured composer at the San Antonio International Piano Competition, the Mostly Women Composers Festival in New York City, the Midwest International Clinic in Chicago, and at national conferences of the American Guild of Organists, the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States, the Society of Composers, Inc. and the College of Music Society. Vanishing Perspectives was commissioned by cellist Craig Hultgren in 2003 and premiered in 2005. After considering many of the new innovations and new works written for solo cello, Timothy realized that he wanted to write a piece that would readdress the cello's more tradition role as a robust and singing baritone instrument. He thought that that perspective was vanishing in much of the new music he was seeing, especially for an instrument that is tuned in fifths, often plays bass lines, and has such a strong tradition of playing tonal music. This work is also built on fragments of an earlier piece (Cycle and Myths) and uses the idea of the half-step fall as a strong tonal force that shapes both small and large scale motion. The amplification and reverberation help add a spatial dimension to the vanishing sounds and gestures.

Fabian Beltran
Fabian Beltran is currently completing a B>A in Music Composition at the University of Texas at San Antonio. As an undergraduate student, Fabian is a member of the UTSA New Music Ensemble (piano), UTSA symphonic orchestra (violin), and has been recipient of several composition awards and multiple academic recognitions. The Cycles, Prelude No. 1 is inspired by the Hindu cycles of creation. Cycle-1 introduces all musical motives in a random and conflicting manner (Brahma's creation). Cycle-2 reveals the same musical ideas stabilized under new tempos, rhythms, and meters (Vishnu's preservation). Cycel-3 recapitulates and develops the original motives (Shiva's cosmic dance of destruction).

Sara Corry
Sara is a composer of both electronic and acoustic works, during the year she enjoys teaching Music Technology and the University of Colorado at Boulder and spends her summers teaching electronic music and theory and Interlochen Arts Camp. Sara is originally from southern California and now resides in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Aspects of Nothingness: A Priori for the Burden of Truth "What froze me was the fact that I had absolutely no reason to move in any direction. What had made me move through so many dead and pointless years was curiosity. Now even that flickered out."-Charles Bukowski. The terms a priori and a posteriori are used in philosophy to distinguish two types of knowledge; the first is justification independent of experience, the latter is based on empirical evidence.

Asia Meirovich
Asia (ah-sya) Meirovich is a Russian-Israeli composer and singer/songwritter (performing as asia mei) currently based out of western Massachusetts. Bringing global and musical cultures, Asia brings her unique fusion of classical, rock, jazz and world influences both to the concert hall and the rock club. Asia moved to the states at 18 to pursue her degree from Berklee College of Music, an indie rock career, husband and daughter later, she is finishing up her masters in composition from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. www.asiamei.com Puppet Master was commissioned and premiered in 2011 by New York City cello dua, 2VC. This piecce has been especially adapted for cello and violin for Mob mental.ity. As a musician in both the classical and the rock mediumms, Asia chose to explore the connection of classical sounding melodies, instruments and techniques with contemporary rhythms, dynamics and harmonies. The quirky rhythm reminds her of a raggedy puppet in the hands of its handler turning a dark corner. The title is also an homage to Metallica's "Master of Puppets" and its cello interpretation by Apocalyptica which served as an influence for this piece.

Julia Beck
Julia graduated from the Kazan School of Music in "piano" and the Kazan State Conservatoire in "composition". She is a member of the Union of Composers of Russia and Tatarstan. She has participated in many international festivals: "Europe-Asia" (Kazan), "Muz-transit" (Kazan), "From avant-guarde to the present day" (St. Petersburg). Julia has performed in Berlin, Barcelona, San Lorenzo, Kiev, and was a participant in the music festival for composers in the Volga and Ural regions. The main area of interest for Julia is in chamber and symphonic instrumental music. This composer boldly experiments in the field of electronic music, combining orchestra and electronics. 911 for violin, piano and electronics dedicated to the memory of those killed in New York on September 11, 2001 for the 10th anniversary of the tragedy.

Steel Stylianou
Steel is a Freelance composer born in London, England, currently residing in Berlin Germany. Steell had early classical piano studies and various Art-rock formulations. he studied composition in Berlin, with Prof. P.H> Dittrich and at Hans Eisler Hochschule fur Musik (music school) and mater classes for composition and electronic music. His work and performances with musicians and ensembles and his own ensemble in Germany and UK, includes various international electronic broadcasts and presentations. Awards and wok associations include II prize at the International composition competition Sofia 2011 with Sofia Soloists Ensemble, various workshops and concerts including ensemble recherche, and Neuevocalsolisten Stuttgart & BBC Singers London. Steel is a member of the Jury Committee for International Composition Contest "Comune di Albenga e l'Associazione Culturale" Italy 2014. SplitterPulse is for violin, violoncello and electronic. The strings have two basic sounding elements, glissando and pizzicato that are combines with the electronic sounds, these are based mainly on granular synthesis sound progressions with slow glissando sections, to which contrasting elements have been added. The electronic being contrary in nature to the strings is the textured canvas upon which the audible lines and points produced by the live instruments are laid upon thereby intensifying their actions and effects. The Strings and electronic combination for this work has a freer approach, there are micro-rhythmic pizzicato sections for the strings and tonal colourations which allow for a "unique performance" each time this work is performed despite the pre-recorded electronic part.

Michael Sweeney
Mike grew up in New Ulm, MN, went to St. Oaf Collage for his B.M., and I.U> for his M.M and D.M. He was a 2012 recipient for the ASCAP Morton Gould Award for Mr. Brain. He lives in Bloomington with his wife Erin , their son Finn, and their two cats, Kate and Boots. Koala Infestation comes from a Mitch Hedburg routine about an apartment infested with koala bears. It goes something like "My apartment is infested with koala bears. It is the cutest infestation ever. Everytime I turn on the lights, koala bears scatter and I'm like 'Wait a minute...let me hold one of you." etc.. In the piece, the "cutest ostinato ever" runs throughout while the surrounding music grows more frantic in the middle, but returns to normal by the end.

Alexander Jorge Leon
Alexander Jorge Leon, 19, is an Ecuadorian-American composer of experimental, symphonic, chamber, and film music currently studying at the Eastman School of Music. He has received commissions from the Seattle Symphony, Orkest de Ereprijs, and Fulcrum Point, among others.

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Virus Performance Tulsa Ballet May 2013
Photo Credit: Julie Shelton
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